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pjur love is designed to give you more mmmmm, aahhh, and oohhh to intensify satisfaction and improve your intimate experiences. We give you more wellbeing as our products are hypoallergenic and safe to use every day. We give you more touch as the silicone products, and clear massage lotions are great for therapeutic or sensual massage, and the water-based products are perfect for sex toys and rejuvenated by adding water. We give you more quality with medical grade ingredients and unique formulations to provide you with more choice for superior intimate products. Whether it be optimizing lubrication, enhancing sexual arousal and performance, aiding personal hygiene or maintaining your fetish wear in top condition,

pjur love gives you more.

more FOR YOU

More feeling, more sensation, and more adventure. Whatever particular product you may be looking for, at pjur we have one for you. Take a moment to look and find your favorite premium intimate product!


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