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CULT Formulas

Developed for the care of rubber and latex.

CREATED FOR FRIENDS AND FANS of latex and rubber, these unique products optimize your experience and extend the life of your rubber and latex products. Dressing Aid & Conditioner and Ultra Shine formulas are unsurpassed in conditioning, aiding in dressing and providing a super shine. CULT Formulas work great on leather too. pjur CULT Formulas enhance your pleasure.

Product care of rubber and latex:
• conditioning and dressing aid
• provides superior shine
• protects and maintains

CULT Family of products:
• Dressing Aid & Conditioner
• Ultra Shine

For experts and connoisseurs, CULT protects and treats latex and rubber, keeping them soft and smooth, so that their owners can enjoy them longer. These products make it easier to put on tight-fitting fetish clothing. Even those with thick body hair love this product.

CULT should never be used internally as an intimate personal lubricant. We ask you to stay safe and use our products the way they are intended.

Never use internally as a personal lubricant.

There may be similar ingredients but this a totally different mix.

CULT Formulas have the same ingredients as our other silicone personal lubricants but the formula percentage varies, especially the higher contingent of cyclopentasiloxane. CULTS’s ingredients have been mixed to penetrate rubber and latex. This penetrating characteristic is what makes CULT such an excellent rubber, latex, and leather conditioner.

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Pjur CULT Dressing Aid & Conditioner 100ml / 3.4oz bottle Pjur CULT Ultra Shine 250ml / 8.5oz spray bottle
CULT Dressing Aid 100ml / 3.4oz bottle
MSRP $32.99
Our Price $28.95
YOU SAVE: $4.04
CULT Ultra Shine 250ml / 8.5oz bottle
MSRP $38.99
Our Price $34.95
YOU SAVE: $4.04
CULT Dressing Aid & Conditioner latex and rubber product care CULT Ultra Shine latex and rubber product care

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